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Check Us Out In GQ Magazine

We made it into GQ magazine, thanks Jay! “There’s a guy who has a vintage store called Junkyard Jeans in Boise, Idaho. He had a big business selling vintage Levi’s and then at some point he stumbled upon a chain-stitch embroidery machine. The quality of new embroidery can’t compare to the old chain-stitch and he [...]


Welcome to the new Junkyard Jeans Site!

We are excited to finally have a brand spanking new website! Take a bit to check it out and see what things we have brewing up here in God’s country. You can also check out our Official Facebook Page, make sure to “LIKE” us!


Junkyard Jeans 50 State Project

When it comes to a special project for the most recognized name in denim who does the world turn to? Junkyard Jeans of course… JYJ was contracted to create a one off chain-stitched piece for each state of the union. Check them out in the gallery below, each one hand made in Boise Idaho.  


The Name Says It All!

Believe it or not Junkyard Jeans is considered one of the top authorities on vintage denim, So whether you are looking for a pair of “buckle backs” or just wanting help sourcing for your own line JYJ is your only source. With over 10,000 pairs of vintage Levis in stock they are sure to have [...]


King of Studs

Always ahead of the curve, Junkyard Jeans started studding apparel over a decade ago. Supplying studded Converse to many of the hottest boutiques worldwide.  


Classic Chain Stitching

Junkyard Jeans is the leader in period correct chain stitching. The skilled artisans at JYJ can produce anything you want in hand placed stitches.     Live Chain Stitching Time Lapse from Junkyard Jeans on Vimeo. Check out the gallery below to see some of our featured chain stitched pieces    


Vintage Apparel

    Check out some of our favorite vintage pieces in the gallery below.